Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beginning My Journey through the Blogging World

Hello blogging world!

My name is Molly (middle name Jean). I am currently a Nutrition grad student at Kent State University, where I will also begin my Dietetic Internship this Fall. I have a Bachelors of Science degree from Ohio University in dietetics. My ultimate career goal is to work within the field of Health and Wellness as a Registered dietitian. I want to promote lifestyle changes through motivation, as well as inspiration, in those who have a passion and desire to do so.

Why did I chose to start a blog? Well... I have 3 reasons.
1. Ever since I saw Julie and Julia- I always thought- Why am I not doing something like that?
2. Both of my brothers blog-- and they are great! Check them both out!
(this 2nd one is also posted on www.travelblogs.com)
3. My passion for cooking and trying new things!

Many people blog and I believe it is a great way to share your thoughts on what you have an interest in. I love to cook. I remember when I first developed a passion for food and cooking. I was 14, on a family vacation (in Kiawah Island, SC- one of my favorite places). I was unfortunately sick and had to stay in from going to the beach. The house we were renting luckily had a movie selection. I popped in My Best Friends Wedding. (GREAT movie-might I add).

In the movie Julia Roberts plays the role of a food critic. A FOOD CRITIC?!?! So you're telling me people can just go eat food and write about it for a living? Sounds like a plan to me, so I though at the age of 14. I became more involved in the kitchen, watching The Food Network, and most importantly, watching my Mother, whom I have learned so much from.--Well, as the years went on and college decisions were being made, I finally came to the conclusion that I was not creative in my writing, but I still had a passion for food, which lead to my Major choice, dietetics.

Over the years of living in and out of the library, and my head consumed in biology and chemistry text books, I rarely had anytime at school to try new recipes. Occasionally I would try and make something for all of my roommates, but that was a rare occasion. I somehow managed to make my own home cooked dinner atleast 5 times per week. But, I felt like Rachael Ray, except I was trying to make everything in 15 minutes or less.

Right now is when I will have the most free time I will have before my life as a future Registered Dietitian begins. During my free time I will be trying new recipes, repeating some of my favorites, and sharing them all with you! I hope you enjoy!

Molly Jean

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