Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blueberry Steak and The Secret Bakery

Thursday June 2, 2011

Aqua al 2 was amazing!! We ordered a pasta sampler to start out with, which included 5 different pastas, chef’s choice.  The ones chosen were a broccoli and rigatoni pasta, strawberry risotto, artichoke and fusili pasta, and gnocchi with a roasted red pepper sauce.  Of course the gnocchi was my favorite!! I absolutely loved the roasted red pepper sauce!  We had asked to have the strawberry risotto included in the sampler, but I was a bit disappointed.  But it gave me a new recipe idea to try at home for my next risotto creation!!

Broccoli Pasta

Strawberry Risotto

Pasta with Artichokes

Gnocchi with a roasted read pepper sauce

Next came our steaks!!  Four of us ordered the Balsmic steak and four, including myself, ordered Aqua al 2 famous blueberry steak so that we were able to share.  The steak to was cooked perfectly medium-rare. 

The blueberry sauce was incredible!  It was not too sweet and did not over-power the steak at all!  Who would have thought blueberries would taste so great with steak??  But, I must say, after trying the balsamic steak, I liked it much better than the blueberry.  The balsamic reduction sauce was the perfect sweetness and just so incredible.  It is something I may have to try with steak at home!

blueberry steak

cooked perfectly!

Balsamic Steak

We also celebrated Liz’s 25th birthday at the restaurant.  Lacey and I were sneaky and slyly asked the waitress if there was anything that they could put together, dessert-wise.  The waitress insisted on a dessert sampler.  When they brought out the desserts with a candle we all sang happy birthday, including the other restaurant guests!! Judging by Liz’s surprise look and smile, she had no idea what was planned!

birthday girl!!

Dessert sampler: cheese cake, chocolate cake, custard tart, and tiramisu

After the restaurant we headed over to Kakuya for some drinks.  Most of us ordered their specialty, Dragoons.  It is an incredibly strong beer with high alcohol content, so me being a lightweight, I ordered by usual half pint.  When it began to get late we headed over to Space, a famous club in Florence. 

Baby Dragoons!

We danced the night away, and our huge dinner, to make room for the secret bakery!  There are a few secret bakeries in Florence.  They are not supposed to be open at late hours, so there is s sign on them that says, “please be quiet.”  But, the few scattered around Florence supply late nighters coming back from the clubs and bars with their wonderful, straight out of the oven pastries for 1 euro or less.  I ordered myself a Nutella filled croissant.  It was definitely worth staying out late for!!

enjoying my secret bakery!

Nutella filled croissant!

As I mentioned in my last entry, today is an Italian National Holiday, marking the day Italy abolished the monarchy and became a republic. So there is no class.  Just packing, studying for our final, and getting in our last few meals and gelato!!


Molly Jean

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