Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Best Hot Chocolate in the World

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today’s class was the best yet!! Chef Tommaso walked us through the St. Lorenzo Market.  It reminded me of The West Side Market in Cleveland, but 100x better!  The first thing we saw was the fresh fish.  He pointed out his favorite.  He also said that Italian women do not know how to cook fish so the men usually make it.  He said all you need is a little olive oil in the pan to sauté.  No other flavor has to be added because the fish is full of so much flavor.

The fruits and vegetables at the market were full of bright colors.  Chef Tommaso showed us what was in season and where to buy the best cherries, peaches, and strawberries.  He took us to one of his good friends wine and cheese stand where we sampled parmesan and pecorino cheese with fig jam to dip it in.  Chef Tommaso pointed out that the Pinot Nior was the best at this stand.

Next Chef Tommaso took us to his favorite Panini place called Il Cernacchino.  There we were able to order either a salad, Panini, or soup in a tiny bread bowl.  I ordered peposo, a soup made of beef, red wine, and black peppers.  It was full of flavor with a hint of spice.  The warmth of the soup was very satisfying.


Chef Tommaso took a picture of us from outside

After devouring the soup bowl we walked over to a café call Rivoire, which is known for the best chocolate.  Chef Tommaso ordered hot chocolate for all!  It was the BEST hot chocolate I have ever had.  The chocolate was rich with flavor and topped with creamy with fluffy and creamy whipped topping.  On our way back to the classroom Chef Tommaso shared his favorite places to eat.  He said if we tell the waiters we are his students then we will get a discount!! I am very grateful to be in the class and have Chef Tommaso as my professor.   It has been a perfect start to a warm, bright, and sunny day!!

The best hot chocolate in the world

Words cannot describe how good this was!

The rest of the day will be spent walking around, visiting Pointe Vecchio bridge, going back to the leather market, and stationary shops!!

Molly Jean

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