Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not Enough Salt!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yesterdays hike to Piazzale Michaelangelo was breath taking!  It was a short hike to the best view of Florence!  The site at the top was so breath taking, unlike anything I had ever seen. 

After a week of eating out, we were finally able to make a home cooked meal, last night.  I took the responsibility of making a meal in our kitchen.  With electricity that didn’t work too well, this made it difficult to try and make everything at the same time.  If I had 3 burners on, a fuse would blow.  We found that the best way to cook without blowing a fuse was cooking in the dark with 2 burners on!! After what seemed like forever, my meal for my roommates was finally finished!

Today was the second day of class. We discussed fast food and street food in Italy.  Street food in Italy came after the Arab invasion.  The concept of fast food during the renaissance is still the same today in that fast food is cheap, tasty, and you are able to hold it in your hand. 

Today we made Cecina, which I would describe as an Italian falafel.  It is made with chickpeas flour, rosemary, olive oil, and water.  On the street it is eaten as a with crackers.  Second we made Caccoli which is a fried bread.  Those are served with salty cheese and prosciutto- very salty.  The third item we fried 2 fresh sage leaves and placed a sardine in the center.  This was my least favorite.  Way too salty!!

Erica, Liz, and I were told that we need to use more salt.  Chef Tammasso thinks that Americans don’t know how to use salt and never put enough salt in their recipes!! So, after are cecina was cooked he sprinkled more salt on top and asked us why we didn’t put enough salt on.  We all responded with we are nutrition majors and made a point to say a comment about hypertension.  Chef Tammasso did not care!!

Sage&Sardine and Caccoli with salty cheese and proscuitto 

Becca and I went on a run after my class.  We found a running trail away from all the crowds.  It felt great to run and get away from the crowded touristy streets of Florence.  The rest of the day is free!! I am going to check out the Leather Market and then a group of us are going back to Piazzale Michaelangelo to watch the sun set!


Molly Jean

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