Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best Lasagne EVER!

Wednesday May 25, 2011

In Florence there are certain times that you are suppose to put the trash out, between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM.  You are to take it out daily and separate everything into the severeal categories that you place out on certain days.  All of this was discussed in orientation, but none of us really comprehended it.  To avoid any difficulty, we just take our out on Wednesdays because that is the day “un-separated” trash is to go out.  The trash is supposed to be picked up by 8, so waking up before then is mandatory.  But trash is never picked up before we leave for class, which is 8:45.  I just don’t get this confusing way of doing trash…

Anyway—Today’s lab was fantastic!! We had about 15 minutes of lecture about the basics of lasagne, ragu sauce, and béchamel.  We immediately began cooking after all of our ingredients were prepared (mise en palce).  Liz was in charge of making the lasagne noodles, I made the ragu sauce, and Erica made the béchamel and our Apple with Balsamic dessert.


Pasta Making

Final Touch!

Everything came out incredible.  Chef Tommaso was once again extremely impressed with our cooking skills.  He gobbled up a slice of our lasagne with a smile on his face.


Apples with Balsamic and Vanilla Gelato :)

Chef Tommaso being goofy!

I have a list of recipes at home listing different recipes I would like to try, and one of them is homemade Lasagne!  After today’s lab I am able to cross it off the list!  Today’s lasagne made in lab is the best lasagne I have ever tasted! I was impressed of how much flavor the wine adds to the meat.  I also enjoyed the fact that it was not covered in cheese.  The béchamel and Parmesan cheese added the perfect amount of creaminess to the lasagne.  This is definitely a recipe my family will love!

On the way home from class I ran into my friend Gen who is traveling Europe with her Fiance!  She informed me before I left for Italy that she would be in Florence and emailed me last night telling me she had arrived.  It was so ironic that I ran into her on a random side street in Florence.  I guess Florence is a small town, after all!  We had made plans for dinner tomorrow night.  I haven’t seen her in about 5 years and I cannot wait to catch up with her!!

After class we all decided to work on our research paper on Caterina de Medici.  It is due next week, but with only little time left we wanted it out of the way so that we are able to enjoy our travels this weekend and our last week in Florence.  Three and a half hours later I had a completed paper!!

After being cooped up in the apartment all day I’m going to go for a walk and then get ready for dinner and watching of the sunset over near Piazza de Michaelangelo!


Molly Jean

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