Monday, May 16, 2011

First Day of Class!

Monday, May 16, 2011

This morning was the first day of class!!  I am taking a class called Food, Culture, and Society and it is located in the Apicius building of FUA.  There are a few other ISA students in the class, including 4 of my other roommates.  Chef Tommasso is the name of my professor.  His native language is Italian, second comes French, and third is English.  He has never taken an English language class.  He learned English through other chefs in America!  Very impressive!!  BUT- he is very difficult to understand at times.  I have to get used to his accent so that I am able to understand everything he is saying, especially when it comes to exam days!

The next few weeks will be very exciting.  We have two major assignments.  One is a paper on food during the Renaissance and Caterina De Medici and the other is a food diary explaining our best food experiences here in Florence, whether that be at a restaurant or cooking in our apartment!

Today’s class flew by!! I was a little frustrated in the beginning because I wasn’t able to understand all that he was saying.  Chef Tommasso discussed the Renaissance style of eating, styles of cooking, and food presentations.  The rich had many buffets at their lavish parties.  The buffets are similar to what is used today.  We also discussed béchamel sauce learning that it originated in Florence and NOT France!  He also discussed the Mediterranean diet and how it’s main ingredient is extra virgin olive oil and the foods in the diet are “rich of goodness” (in other words- full of nutrients!!).   

Once Lecture was over we made our first recipe!!  We are cooking in every class, except for the days we go on field trips.  Today we made Crespelle Alla Florentina (Crepes Florentine Style).  The first thing we had to do was Mise en Place (measure all the ingredients before cooking).  The recipe was so easy and delicious! I am working in a group with Liz and Erica.  Liz worked on the crepes, Erica made the béchamel sauce, and I made the Florentine filling.   We made three total crepes with filling and baked in the oven until golden brown!!

Crespelle Alla Florentina

At the end of class we were able to try our creation!  The crespelle alla FLorentina was very rich in flavor, creamy, and nice and warm.  A very comforting feeling came over me.  The food was delicious.  I am so excited for what recipes are to come!

Tonight we are meeting some other ISA students to walk through Piazzale Michaelangelo.  After, the roommates and I will be making our first meal in our apartment!

Molly Jean

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